ABA Therapy Brings Hope

A diagnosis on the autism spectrum can be overwhelming and often scary. Few families feel like it’s the beginning of hope. For many it’s the beginning of a long and hard journey to find ways to cope and help their child.

There are many opinions out there about autism, from what causes it to the best practices to deal with it. However, science has given us a great tool to use to help those on the spectrum, ABA Therapy.

The definition for ABA given by Autism Speaks - a leader for the world of science and advocacy for autism, is this:

Behavior analysis focuses on the principles that explain how learning takes place. Positive reinforcement is one such principle. When a behavior is followed by some sort of reward, the behavior is more likely to be repeated...applied behavior analysis is the use of these techniques and principles to bring about meaningful and positive change in behavior.

Through ABA therapy, learning can happen in the way that is best suited for the child. And it works.

Alex and Jamie Schnieder are identical twin brothers who are both severely autistic. Neither communicated verbally. They are now adults and through the magic of ABA Therapy, they have ran 26 marathons and 400 races total.

Their mother Robin, has written about their journey and shared their story. She claims ABA Therapy saved them and kept them living at home with her.

Research is on Robin’s side. There is no other therapy proven to be as effective than ABA therapy. It is considered to be an evidence-based best practice treatment by both the US Surgeon General and by the American Psychological Association.

There have been more than 20 studies that have established its success for those on the autism spectrum.

One of the many reasons ABA therapy is so effective is that it is completely tailored to each individual. There are many techniques that can be used during therapy, but what is actually used depends on the child.

The main component of ABA therapy is positive reinforcement, which can be applied in a number of ways to tackle a wide variety of situations and behaviors. Over time the use of positive reinforcement to encourage small positive behaviors will result in a positive change to behavior over all.

Not to mention this way of working with children also teaches them vital life skills and so much more. Like any kind of therapy, it takes dedication and results won’t appear overnight, but if ABA therapy were one word, it would be H O P E.

We’re always exploring new techniques and learning more. We provide ABA Therapy but our mission is to help children and families affected by autism to achieve a high quality of life. Knowing that we can help make life better for our clients makes our work worthwhile.

Are you interested in learning more about ABA therapy? Have questions about it or what insurance will cover? Contact us with your questions, concerns and thoughts and we will get you the information and answers you need.


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