Halloween Fun!

Individuals with ASD often have varying sensory needs. Some individuals may be sen- sory-seeking while others may be sensory-avoiding. For some children who seek sensory stimulation, sensory play activities can be incorporated into ABA sessions as reinforcement or even possibly as an antecedent intervention used to help decrease challenging behaviors maintained by access to sensory stimulation. These activities can vary and even the type of sensory stimulation derived from the activity may vary. For example, some activities may deal with touch (i.e. slime), smell (i.e. involve scented markers), or even taste (i.e. edible play doh).

In addition to simply being fun, there are an endless number of ABA goals that could be targeted during these activities. These include following visual directions or a visual schedule, following a written schedule, following single or multi-step verbal directions, desensitization to liquids, textures, smells, and/or tastes, single or multi-step imitation, imitating fine motor actions, and many more!

The website below contains a variety of Halloween-themed sensory activities that may be fun to do this month!


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