Tips for Building Motivation

Successful pairing during an ABA program is vital to its success.

How do we do that?

What is the best strategy to get your learner to get to want to learn from you?

How do we get them to come to the table to learn?

YOU have to be the most exciting part of a session!

For some of our learners, it may be getting our attention, whether it be throwing a tantrum or engaging in aggression, they are now getting all of us and that is the most exciting part of an interaction for them. However, we need to learn to only give all of ourselves when we want them to learn and follow demands.

Based on the basic principles of ABA, we need to figure out what will make them go to work and come to the table.

For our learners it may be little bit harder to build intrinsic motivation to build a lifelong love of learning. YOU have to make them motivated to work!

Motivation is an important part of the teaching program. This involves:

—Establishing conditioned reinforcers that are contingent on performance and delivering them immediately when desired behaviors occur

—Consistent schedules of reinforcement

—Anticipate generalization from frequent to occasional reinforcers

—Pairing artificial/tangible reinforcement to natural reinforcement like praise, high fives, and tickles

—Avoiding satiation by offering variety of reinforcers in small amounts

—Introduction of novel items or using existing items in novel ways

—Making sure that you are the most exciting part of the session for the learner!

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