ABA & Virtual Learning

Virtual learning is new to many of us but has become important for the continued education of children during the COVID-19 pandemic. ABA therapy can help your child develop the skills necessary to benefit from virtual learning.

Some areas in which ABA can target:

  • Attending to the Screen

  • Attending to Materials

  • Answering Questions

  • Remaining on Task

  • Responding When Name is Called

  • Requesting Help

  • Requesting a Break

  • Using Materials Appropriately

  • Completing Tasks

We can teach self-regulation skills that may help your child remain on task for longer amounts of time and require less frequent breaks. We can teach them to identify when they need a break and to request a break appropriately rather than leaving unannounced. We can work on responding to another individual through technology and to engage in back and forth conversation through technology (which can also be great for video chatting with family members and friends who they are currently unable to see!) By developing these skills, children will be able to get the most benefit out of their virtual learning sessions with other providers. It will foster flexibility and independence. These skills will carryover throughout their education and in other settings as they grow.

Not only is ABA designed to be customized to your child, but therapy sessions also take into consideration those unexpected events that occur as they arise.

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