Spring Craft Activity

Hands on activities, including crafts, are a great way to work on a number of skills during or outside of ABA sessions. Many crafts can be completed with materials that you already have in your home. The following link contains instructions for completing a simple, but fun spring craft that you can complete with your child.


When completing this activity, the following skills can be targeted:

  • Following One-Step Directions (Ex: “Put the pink bead on the pipe cleaner.”)

  • Completing Patterns (Ex: ABCABC patterns)

  • Imitation with Objects (Ex: You complete one step of the task and the client imitates it.)

  • Non-Identical Matching (Ex: Completing the craft using different colored materials)

  • Fine Motor Skills (Ex: Picking up beads using a pincer grip, putting the beads onto the pipe cleaners)

If you are a parent, this could be a fun activity to do with your child. If you are a BCBA or RBT, this could be a fun activity to incorporate during your sessions.

Once the craft has been completed, you can continue targeting additional skills through play. These include:

  • Gross Motor Skills (Ex: Making the butterfly fly)

  • Imitation with Objects (Ex: Having the butterfly copy or follow another butterfly)

  • Following One-Step or Multi-Step Directions (Ex: One butterfly telling the other butterfly what to do)

  • Receptive Identification of Objects (Ex: Asking the butterfly to land on certain objects)

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