Winter Sensory Bins

Sensory bins are a great way for children to access desired sensory input. They can be made with many different themes, but a fun winter activity can involve a sensory bin with fake snow.

There are a number of ways to create fake snow for your bins. One strategy includes scraping out the inside of a diaper and mixing it with water. Another includes conditioner mixed with corn starch.

Sensory bins are fun but can be educational as well. Some skills that can be targeted during play time with sensory bins include:

· Following One-Step Directions (i.e. “Make a snowball.”)

· Following Multi-Step Directions (i.e. “Make three snowballs, then stack them on top of each other” or Get the toy car and drive it in the snow.”

· Imitating Actions with Objects (i.e. “Do this” while you model rolling a snowball).

· Labeling Prepositions (i.e. “Where are the snowman’s buttons?”)

· Follow Directions with Prepositions (i.e. “Put the hat on top of the snowman’s head.”)

· Fine Motor Skills (i.e. Picking up the snow, rolling snow balls, etc.)

More ways to utilize the winter sensory bin can be found in the attached play script. Play scripts are a great way to incorporate learning opportunities and increase language during play.

Winter Sensory Bin Play Script
Download PDF • 855KB

For additional play scripts, please see:

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